Flash Fiction

I was introduced to the idea of flash fiction some time ago,  but only recently started to dabble in it.  Great fun.  The idea is to write a story with a strict limit on the number of words using a  selected word or phrase, usually suggested by someone else. Word limits vary, but mine are all based on 800.

Meeting  – Barely a story, this one.  However, it is based on an actual event which took place in the Stromness Hotel on the Island of Orkney in Scotland.

Distance – I got some stick when I shared this one with the writers’ group I attend, because it has a rather “soft” ending. But you need to know that I am really an old romantic at heart.

Harbinger – I was trying to get stories published on a flash fiction website and they kept knocking me back. Eventually I sussed out that they were looking for something “darker and more introspective” so I came up with this. They didn’t accept it!

2 responses to “Flash Fiction

  1. Just goes to show it not being accepted doesn’t mean it’s not good – de gustibus and all that …! I enjoyed it a lot. Love the image of the light being muffled by strewn clothing as well as the piece in its entirety. Flash fiction is good fun and keeps the writing muscles toned! 😉

    • Thanks, Ash! Always good to get a comment. Because I’m so focused on trying to get the sequel novel finished, I’ve completely neglected flash fiction and short stories. You are absolutely right about it keeping the writing muscles toned, though!

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