New High Price, Same High Quality

Stuart’s Alter Ego talks to him about book-pricing.

So, Mr Smarty-Pants Author person, you’ve been messing around with the price of your book again? Setting aside the small matter of your ignorance and incompetence in this field, what in the blue blazes of hell’s own cremation fires makes you think it’s a good idea to charge more for the damn thing? I mean, are you or are you not an unknown author and is this, or is it not, your first novel? Well, there you are then, I rest my case. In any case, it’s been priced at 99 cents for the past two months and sales have been modest, apart from those three days when you charged nothing for it and managed to ‘sell’ more that fourteen hundred downloads. Doesn’t that tell you something? Like, that even a sub-dollar price is too high? What’s that? Dean Koontz? It costs what? Who, in the name of all that’s gloriously and ineluctably stupid in this world is going to be duped into paying that for a book that doesn’t even boast a drop of binding glue in its manufacture? Really? Well, you do surprise me. In that context, $2.99 doesn’t seem that bad. I guess, if the worse comes to the worst, and sales fall of a cliff, you can always cut the price again. Which is something you couldn’t have done when it was at 99 cents. Look on the bright side, dear boy. You need to!


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6 responses to “New High Price, Same High Quality

  1. Haha, nice post. I’ve been thinking of doing the opposite lately, and dropping the price for a limited time to promo. Pricing and marketing is probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do. Ask me to write/create? Sure. Market it? Eh, not so much.

    • I know the feeling! I’m struggling with it, I can tell you. I reduced the price in January to 99 cents and it had little impact. Then I had the KDP Select special promotion when the book could be downloaded for free. That did the trick, and there were some sales after that, though it has fallen away again. Tricky business.

      • Nice to know your experience, thanks for sharing! I definitely hope you find what’s right for you. Times like these I start wishing I had an agent to take care of this for me, but somehow the cons outweigh the pros and I’m back to where I am. Which is not a bad place, we have a lot of freedom with our work. Just need to go for it until it settles in the right spot. Or into the right hands.

  2. Agent smagent. 🙂 who needs them… really?

  3. Thanks for the comment. Lots of this marketing game is about trial and error, isn’t it? Nobody can actually say what causes a book to sell. The only sure thing I’ve read is that an author needs more than one title to be successful, so I’m doing my best to make that a priority!

  4. I just paid 9.99 for a book that came well recommended. Now I’m cheap, but every now and then I splurge, and I was delighted to see the writer thank all the readers who took a chance when she priced her book at 99 cents. A wonderful debut novel. She took a chance, the readers created buzz and then magic.

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